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06 Dec 2021

Boggle Solver Anecdotes

Dev Games

Boggle is a word search game where you find words from a 4x4 letter grid that no other player has found in that round. This post talks about some of the interesting parts of building a Boggle solver website.

28 Jul 2021

SIP Diagrams (Part 2)


I've been surprised how much use I've got out of the SIP Diagrams site. This post covers a couple of follow up tweaks to improve the experience.

30 Jun 2021

SIP Diagrams with Mermaid


In my 2020 Summary blog post I touched on the Azure DevOps built-in wiki and how well put together it is. One of the best features is the support for graphs via mermaid. I do however often find myself creating a new graph by copy/pasting from the last mermaid SIP flow graph I edited.

19 May 2021

Synology NAS and Let's Encrypt (again)

Dev Synology Sysadmin Let's Encrypt

I have an old article (Jan 2019) about how I managed to get a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate on my Synology NAS. It's a hack built on a hack (liberal use of `chattr +i` for example!), but it has mostly worked fine for the last couple of years. However, when the cert recently came up for renewal it failed. Instead of fixing, a quick Google search shows there are much better options available now via

06 Apr 2021

Fixing Gmail Image Width

Dev Gmail

Gmail is showing images within the body of an email that are full size, instead of limiting to the width of the browser window. Really large images shown in original size just gives a poor viewing experience, plus reading the text is hassle with lots of scrolling. I'm not sure if this is Gmail's fault, or whether it's just faithfully rendering the HTML sent, but either way, it's time to fix!

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