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20 Sep 2023

Lightning Talk Reflections


At a recent company away day I gave my first lightning talk. The constraints were it needed to be 5 minutes and at least loosely related to technology and/or the work we do at Dstny.

09 Sep 2023

Fog Creek Software's Programming Documentary

Reviews Dev

If you are at all involved in writing software I would highly recommend watching the film Aardvark'd: 12 Weeks With Geeks. It's a documentary filmed in 2005 following four interns at Fog Creek Software, in NYC.

14 Jul 2023

Building Chapter 3 - SIP Auth Headers

SIP Dev SysAdmin Voiptoolbox

How can you tell if an Authorization header in a SIP request is correct? VoIP Toolbox can now help you replicate the auth calculations to confirm things are working as expected.

30 Jun 2023

Spotify Podcast RSS Format

Dev WordPress

Notes on a recent project to go from blog posts with attached MP3 files to an RSS podcast feed ready for Spotify.

31 May 2023

Cloudflare Email Routing

Cloudflare Dev SysAdmin

A colleague recently told me about Cloudflare's Email Routing service. This is a free service which can handle scenarios ranging from basic forwarding of emails from A to B right up to more complicated logic flows that utilise workers. This post is a bit of an overview based on my recent experience playing with the service.

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