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20 Apr 2024

Perl Performance - Is 2 Slower Than 1?

I recently watched a talk given by Tim Bunce called 'Performance Profiling with Devel::NYTProf'. The talk is from 2015 but it is still very relevant for Perl profiling today.

07 Mar 2024

Help Build VoIP Toolbox

The site has had a mini refactor and is now on GitHub!

16 Feb 2024

Instapaper's API via GitHub Actions

February's theme appears to be the Instapaper API. I am trying to auto run the sorting scripts without using some external virtual machine.

06 Feb 2024

Sorting with Instapaper's API

A brief story about scripting Instapaper's API to sort out hundreds of unread articles.

30 Jan 2024

2023 Retrospective

The fourth year in a row where I've put together a mini annual retrospective. It's primarily based around software dev and technology but includes a few other anecdotes along the way.

Currently based near Bath, working at Dstny Automate. I’ve been fiddling with technology for as long as I can remember. I use this site as a place to blog about interesting development stories and web projects that I think others might find useful.

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