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19 Mar 2023

SQL to HTML in Azure Pipeline

Tips on turning a Microsoft SQL query into a HTML report within an Azure DevOps pipeline. Not the fanciest new tech, but the boring stuff is often where the real work happens.

22 Feb 2023

A Disk Space Mystery

Hunting for 20GB of missing disk space where the usual culprits turned out to be innocent...

25 Jan 2023

Number Inputs Can Be Annoying

A brief post explaining why you might not want the "freebies" a browser gives you when a form component has an input type of number.

01 Jan 2023

2022 Retrospective

This is the third year in a row I've put together a sort of annual retrospective, mostly focussing on software dev but also some other related bits that I think readers might find interesting.

21 Dec 2022

Cloudways Hosting Review

Improving a legacy WordPress WooCommerce website by migrating the hosting to Cloudways.

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