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20 Oct 2022

Taking Monkey Patching To The Next Level

Taking monkey patching to the next level: Crazy ways to deploy code to production.

03 Sep 2022

A Small Stripe Fraud Story

A story post about the time a Stripe account I used years ago had thousands of pounds worth of unexpected payments flood in.

28 Aug 2022

Laptop Upgrade After 9 Years with the MacBook Pro 2021

An unusual (for this blog) hardware review of the MacBook Pro 2021 14".

31 Jul 2022

Building Chapter 1

A (potentially) ongoing series about building out, the new combined home for the various SIP tools that I've built over the last year or two. This post is part JavaScript toolchain rant, part new features.

30 Jun 2022

Snippets H1 2022

Snippets from the first half of 2022, shoehorned to make a blog post.

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