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06 Apr 2021

Fixing Gmail Image Width

Dev Gmail

Gmail is showing images within the body of an email that are full size, instead of limiting to the width of the browser window. Really large images shown in original size just gives a poor viewing experience, plus reading the text is hassle with lots of scrolling. I'm not sure if this is Gmail's fault, or whether it's just faithfully rendering the HTML sent, but either way, it's time to fix!

28 Feb 2021

Homemade Car Tracker

Dev Archive

Spring is nearly here so naturally I found a homemade car tracker after sorting out some long-forgotten boxes.

24 Jan 2021

Build A Website In Under 10 Years

Dev Jekyll Travel

I've been trying to build a mini travel blog website since 2011 to document a road trip around Europe. This post looks a little at why it took me the best part of 10 years to get it finished.

24 Dec 2020

A 2020 Retrospective

Reviews Dev SysAdmin

This is a look back over the last year mostly focussing on software dev and related bits that I think readers of this blog might find interesting. COVID mentions are kept to a minimum.

26 Jul 2020

iTunes Playlist to MP3 CD

Dev SysAdmin

Using some hacked together script to find a way to go from an iTunes playlist to an MP3 CD. All part of getting some more life out of an old car head unit.

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