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23 Apr 2022

More SIP DNS Lookups

SIP Dev SysAdmin

Tweaks and improvements to the SIP DNS lookup tool.

14 Apr 2022

SIP DNS Lookup

SIP Dev SysAdmin

A fairly common SIP troubleshooting step is to check any DNS records are configured correctly. Typically this involves a combination of querying for SRV and A records. SIP DNS Lookup is a mini site that aims to make that a bit easier.

20 Feb 2022

Namespace Redis In Perl

Dev SysAdmin

Redis doesn't do namespacing. This is my quick hack attempt to work around that in Perl, then a link to how to do it properly.

01 Jan 2022

2021 Retrospective

Reviews Dev DIY SysAdmin Retrospective

Another year, another retrospective. This is a brief summary of interesting things that happened in 2021. Written mostly as archive content for myself. Includes broken bones and questionable wood working.

06 Dec 2021

Boggle Solver Anecdotes

Dev Games

Boggle is a word search game where you find words from a 4x4 letter grid that no other player has found in that round. This post talks about some of the interesting parts of building a Boggle solver website.

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