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24 Dec 2020

A 2020 Retrospective

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This is a look back over the last year mostly focussing on software dev and related bits that I think readers of this blog might find interesting. COVID mentions are kept to a minimum.

11 Apr 2017

H.View PoE IP Camera: Synology NAS compatible camera for under £40


The eagle-eyed reader of this blog will have noticed that reviews are not typical for When I was considering purchasing the H.View camera I could only find reviews and guides for more popular brands (your Canon/D-Link/FOSCAM etc), but nothing for the cheap-and-hopefully-cheerful H.View. I'm aiming to fill that gap. This post is a brief overview of the power over ethernet IP camera, how I went about setting it up with my NAS and my general impressions of an IP camera that costs less than £40.