The majority of my software development time is spent doing exciting things with the Dstny Automate Team on the Call2Teams platform. Aside from that, some of the niche open source projects I have worked on are listed below.

July 2022+

VoIP Toolbox

A selection of VoIP utilities, primarily focused around SIP.

Dec 2021

Boggle Solver

Input your boggle grid and see which words you missed!

Jun 2021

SIP Diagrams

A mini site that aims to make creating typical SIP flow diagrams easy by using the brilliant mermaid graph library. View Project.

Jul 2020


Script for OS X to convert from an iTunes playlist to an MP3 CD regardless of input format. View Project.

24 Jul 2018


A non-fussy, simple, modern, very mobile friendly WordPress theme. View Project.

11 Feb 2018


View Project.

29 Jan 2018


Micro test repo for fiddling with .gitattributes View Project.

01 Jan 2018


View Project.

31 Oct 2017


The falcon633 child theme soon to be used on the blog. View Project.

20 Oct 2017


Useful configuration that I use as a starting point for new machines. View Project.

02 Sep 2017


View Project.

09 Nov 2016


Create a usable, static copy of your WordPress website. View Project.

31 May 2016


Add 'ghprojects' shortcode to your WordPress install to list your recent Github Projects View Project.

01 May 2016


A fairly minimalistic, responsive, easy to customise WordPress theme. View Project.

24 Apr 2016


A slight adaption on the usual 'recent posts' WordPress widget that allows only showing posts from a select category. View Project.

07 Apr 2016


Because HTTP headers are interesting. View Project.

07 Sep 2015


Mini perl script to generate a table of contents from tags left in a CSS/SCSS file. View Project.

20 Apr 2013


Extended version of WordPress's Text Widget that applies a custom CSS class as set by the user. View Project.

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