22 Jan 2016

Vim Registers

Dev Vim

I’ve been using Vim registers a lot more recently. This post is my cheat-sheet for how registers work in Vim and a few useful actions: Copy/Paste Anytime you copy/paste text in Vim you are interacting with a register. I’ll often… Read On

16 Nov 2015

Quickly setup WP Plugin Unit Tests

Dev WordPress

I am finding wp-cli increasingly useful. For those who haven’t come across it before—as the name suggests—it is a command line interface for WordPress. This in itself is fairly useful as a standalone tool for blog management (just run wp… Read On

10 Oct 2015

An API for T-Shirts

Asides Dev

Prior to a trip earlier this year to the Isle of Wight I’d come across Rapanui. They’re a clothing brand that have some inspirational business values; acting in a sustainable way, using recycled material and supporting the economy around where… Read On

07 Sep 2015

CSS Table of Contents – Useful!


Stylesheets are those sort of files which often seem to get sloppy quite quickly. Compared to other files in a web project these perhaps don’t get much attention after the initial build. The temptation is to just make a quick… Read On

25 Jul 2015

Building a WordPress Theme


I really recommend building a WordPress theme from scratch at least once if you plan on getting in to WordPress development. I have had the intention of making a ‘personal’ site for some time now—where ‘sometime’ can probably be counted… Read On

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