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30 Jun 2022

Snippets H1 2022

Dev SysAdmin

Snippets from the first half of 2022, shoehorned to make a blog post.

23 Apr 2022

More SIP DNS Lookups

SIP Dev SysAdmin

Tweaks and improvements to the SIP DNS lookup tool.

14 Apr 2022

SIP DNS Lookup

SIP Dev SysAdmin

A fairly common SIP troubleshooting step is to check any DNS records are configured correctly. Typically this involves a combination of querying for SRV and A records. SIP DNS Lookup is a mini site that aims to make that a bit easier.

20 Feb 2022

Namespace Redis In Perl

Dev SysAdmin

Redis doesn't do namespacing. This is my quick hack attempt to work around that in Perl, then a link to how to do it properly.

01 Jan 2022

2021 Retrospective

Reviews Dev DIY SysAdmin Retrospective

Another year, another retrospective. This is a brief summary of interesting things that happened in 2021. Written mostly as archive content for myself. Includes broken bones and questionable wood working.

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