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02 Jan 2018

New Year Tidy Up: Hosting Static Sites

Dev Git SysAdmin

It's that time of year where lots of blog authors are publishing their 2017 year-in-review style posts. I enjoy those and had a loose idea to do one myself. Instead, I got distracted trying to tidy up several years worth of confusion on an old VPS instance.

23 Jan 2017

Aligning Text in Vim

Dev SysAdmin Vim

Did you know you can center align text in vim? From a visual selection, run :center. This aligns the text on the assumption that the width of the document is textwidth, or 80 characters by default. You can also manually set the range by running :center N, where N is the total width of the line.

25 Oct 2016

Identical SQL Queries != Identical Results

Dev MySQL SysAdmin

You would expect identical SQL queries, running against the same database at the same time to give the same results, right? Well, it turns out that such an impossibility can occur. Alas, this wasn’t some easter egg or heisenbug hidden in MySQL, the issue turned out to be perfectly sane. This is how the confusion unfolded…

03 Mar 2016

More than just keys in authorized_keys

Dev SysAdmin

~/.ssh/authorized_keys is more than just a file listing valid public keys which can be used for server access. Each key can be preceded by a list of options:

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