31 Oct 2017

Forgotten CSS: Printing Your Website


How does your websites look when it’s printed? This article aims to get you thinking about basic changes you can implement to make your site display well for print media. Before we jump in, clearly not all websites benefit from… Read On

05 Sep 2017

Remove Unused CSS Rules


A monolithic style sheet is difficult to reason about, which is challenging as CSS files tend to attract bloat. Removing unused styles can help make the situation more manageable. Before we start searching for unused styles it’s worth pointing out… Read On

08 May 2017

Using lighten() and darken() in SASS


Until recently I didn’t know about the lighten() and darken() functions in SASS. I’ve since found them to be increasingly useful in my component building workflow. As the names suggest, given a colour and percentage, these functions will return a… Read On

26 Jul 2016

Neat uses for CSS’s awesome viewport units


CSS offers various units for sizing elements. The popular choices are px, %, pt, em and more recently rem. There are two other units that have quickly become favourites of mine, vw and vh. These are relative units, but unlike… Read On

23 Apr 2016

The tilde CSS selector, use carefully!


A couple of the recent projects I’ve worked on have both had similar stylesheet problems. They have both misused the tilde selector, which has gone unnoticed and been the cause of numerous bouts of CSS bloat. You may well have… Read On