07 Mar 2024

Help Build VoIP Toolbox

The voiptoolbox.net site has had a mini refactor and is now on GitHub!


VoIP Toolbox looking pretty much the same...

As part of a re-focus on VoIP Toolbox features I’ve removed some of the lesser used services and made the site a public repo on GitHub, contributions welcome!

Migration Mini Story

Moving the VoIP Toolbox site from the old repo and hosting to GitHub was pretty much a three stage process:

  • Removed the beta version of ‘Voicemail Phone Numbers’
  • Moved to Vite along with a mini refactor of some components
  • Recreated the auth header calculation in JavaScript (inside the sipright lib).

The auth header re-build was the most interesting bit. I started writing up the algorithm again and decided to instead translate the original Perl routine from Net SIP into JavaScript, which wasn’t too bad. I did briefly look at some automatic tools to do this but decided at ~2 pages of code I would probably be better off doing it by hand and reasoning about it as I went.

For those interested, the original Perl is here with my JS re-write here.

The JS doesn’t aim to be an exact match for the Perl functionality, I simplified a little around multiple auth headers to work for what the VoIP Toolbox site required.

Next Steps

I plan to put VoIP Toolbox into auto pilot for a bit. I don’t immediately have further changes planned for the site, but my hope is that by tidying it up and placing the source online it’s less likely to develop bit rot.

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