23 Jan 2017

Aligning Text in Vim

Dev SysAdmin Vim

Did you know you can center align text in vim? From a visual selection, run :center. This aligns the text on the assumption that the width of the document is textwidth, or 80 characters by default. You can also manually… Read On

25 Nov 2016

Client Friendly Images On WordPress

Dev WordPress

This post introduces some considerations and techniques for handling images within WordPress. This is particularly useful if you are building a website that will be handed over to a client who will then maintain the content with no further involvement… Read On

25 Oct 2016

Identical SQL Queries != Identical Results

Dev MySQL SysAdmin

You would expect identical SQL queries, running against the same database at the same time to give the same results, right? Well, it turns out that such an impossibility can occur. Alas, this wasn’t some easter egg or heisenbug hidden… Read On

26 Jul 2016

Neat uses for CSS’s awesome viewport units


CSS offers various units for sizing elements. The popular choices are px, %, pt, em and more recently rem. There are two other units that have quickly become favourites of mine, vw and vh. These are relative units, but unlike… Read On

01 May 2016

I booked a holiday for 8 hours (and it’s abroad)


This post sets out how Feroz and I tried to book a trip for a very short amount of time using as little money as possible. Look out for some live-progress tweets on Saturday the 7th of May for how… Read On

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