07 Dec 2018

WordPress Docker Image with MySQL Client SSL

AWS Dev Docker Kubernetes MySQL WordPress

As part of an ongoing experiment with kubernetes and lots of WordPress instances I wanted to set up a site that talked to an Amazon RDS MySQL database. The unknown part was how to do this over SSL using the… Read On

25 Nov 2016

Client Friendly Images On WordPress

Dev WordPress

This post introduces some considerations and techniques for handling images within WordPress. This is particularly useful if you are building a website that will be handed over to a client who will then maintain the content with no further involvement… Read On

18 Mar 2016

Markdown on WordPress

Dev WordPress

Markdown is an easy to use markup language for formatting text. It has proved to be very popular with developers. The syntax is small, quick to learn and very readable. The format is fairly well supported by online tools. Thinking… Read On

01 Feb 2016

WordPress Post Formats

Dev WordPress

‘Post formats’ is a neat WordPress feature that lets authors mark posts as a particular type and then allow the theme to style them accordingly. For example a user/blogger might find themselves just posting a picture with a caption and… Read On

16 Nov 2015

Quickly setup WP Plugin Unit Tests

Dev WordPress

I am finding wp-cli increasingly useful. For those who haven’t come across it before—as the name suggests—it is a command line interface for WordPress. This in itself is fairly useful as a standalone tool for blog management (just run wp… Read On