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30 Jun 2018

From Vim to Visual Studio

Dev Vim Visual Studio

Whilst a big vim fan, part of my day job at Qunifi involves heavy use of the Microsoft Azure tech stack, and using Visual Studio makes that a whole lot easier. Here are the plugins and tweaks I'm currently using to ease the Vim to Visual Studio transition.

23 Jan 2017

Aligning Text in Vim

Dev SysAdmin Vim

Did you know you can center align text in vim? From a visual selection, run :center. This aligns the text on the assumption that the width of the document is textwidth, or 80 characters by default. You can also manually set the range by running :center N, where N is the total width of the line.

22 Jan 2016

Vim Registers

Dev Vim

I’ve been using Vim registers a lot more recently. This post is my cheat-sheet for how registers work in Vim and a few useful actions: