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What am I up to now? (Mid 2024)

Living in Chippenham (Wiltshire, UK) after a strategic move to downsize a little and to live closer to people and places last year. I’m still very much enjoying being able to walk to the town centre, train station, swimming pool, countryside etc. London is just over an hour away as well, so that’s become an occasional destination for near-limitless events and culture.

I’ve been playing more drums again of late. After many years of consideration (not an exaggeration!) I’ve got hold of some electronic Roland V-Drums. Practising regularly has become much easier. This has worked out well as I’ve been playing with an 11-piece funk/disco/soul group which has been tremendous fun.

The day job is currently at Dstny within the Destiny for Service Providers part of the business. My time is split between helping to develop the software architectural practice and delving deep into the workings of Call2Teams to help the team plan out features and fixes.

I came to work at Dstny after being part of the original team that built Call2Teams. I think there is still much untapped potential in Microsoft Teams integrations and apps, so I’m very interested in tech and business in that space.


I’ve been fiddling with technology for as long as I can remember. My first computer was a Psion Organiser II, originally belonging to my Dad who used it for some on-site insurance quoting program. I don’t program in Psion’s OPL these days. Instead the languages are a mix from JS, C# to PHP or Perl. The software I build continues to be an eclectic set of projects, ranging from WordPress plugins to SIP proxies to complex middleware components bridging two previously incompatible systems. A few years back I also spent quite a large chunk of time working on wireless sensor networks for underground mines, but that’s a whole other story altogether.

Playing some drums!

Whilst this blog focuses mostly on tech, outside of coding I’m keen on running, wood working and drumming.

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