23 Apr 2022

More SIP DNS Lookups

Tweaks and improvements to the SIP DNS lookup tool.

Project Feedback

It’s been fun to get some feedback from people trying out the SIP DNS lookup site. There have been a few suggestions that have come up repeatedly so I’ve gone ahead and made the following two upgrades:

1. Refresh button

SIP DNS in action

Introducing a working 'Refresh' button

If you want to keep checking the same domain you don’t have to refresh the whole site anymore, rather the lookup button changes to ‘Refresh’ and will trigger another full lookup on press (Cloudflare may give back cached results but you can use the TTL below to figure that out).

2. Show Lookup Detail / TTL

I’m bundling this into one point but several bits of feedback were along the lines of getting more detail out of the tool. jes thought it should show the TTL given back by DNS server which seems reasonable. A colleague of mine thought seeing all attempted lookups was useful as well.

I am keen to keep the site as clean and simple visually as possible. To accommodate that aim whilst providing more information I’ve added a toggle button that can be used to flip between a ‘Summary’ view (default) or a ‘Full’ view (TTL, failed lookups etc).

SIP DNS in action

Full view showing extra DNS stuff!

SIP Dev SysAdmin
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