28 Jan 2018

Jessops And The Sneaky Newsletter Sign-Up

If there is one thing more annoying than automatically being opted in to receive a newsletter, it's not knowing that you've opted in.

I used the Jessops website last night to get a poster printed. (I don’t want to send people to their site but this company here if you’ve not heard the name). A 40cm x 40cm image on matt paper is what I wanted to order. It should have been a smooth experience.

It was going fine until I got to the part of the process where they asked for my address. I started filling it out and then I realised that there’s a ticked checkbox below country. There was no label for this mysterious form input. Naturally, as any developer would do, I opened up Chrome’s developer tools to take a further look…

What are Jessops playing at?

Sneaky! It looks like they are automatically signing me up to their newsletter, without even labelling the checkbox! Is that allowed?!

Jessops should do the right thing and 1) label this checkbox, 2) don’t tick it by default.

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